Williams Falade




6 foot 2



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How long have you been training for? 

I have been training for nearly 15years now; I first started off at 17 years old during my college days,


What started you off in the gym?

Boredom during lunch breaks at college if im honest, we needed something to do and there was a little college gym nearby. It started off your standard chest day everyday but I soon found a passion for the sport.


If you could go back and tell your old self something in regards to the gym what would it be?

I would tell myself to eat properly and train the entire body not just chest and arms


What first got you into competing?

There was a PT at my gym who showed me his stage photos and the difference in what was in front of me and what I was looking at on the screen was so vast I had to give it a try.


Who do you take inspiration from?

Many people – Simeon Panda, Ulisses, Roger Snipes, Billyrose and Justin Gonzales  all have different approaches but get it right these are the people at the top of the industry yet are still working the hardest,


Favourite physique athlete/bodybuilder?

Serge Nubret no one else comes close in my opinion


Which UK athletes are you keeping your eye on this year? 

Ross Dickerson for that fun rivalry that we have going but i tend to keep an eye out for most athletes to be honest. There are some big movements happening in the uk as we speak


What is a sample of your daily diet during competition season?

I Eat every 2 hours, when it comes to competition season I use no oils, no sugar and no dairy. I keep my water intake high throughout.


What does your weekly workout routine look like?

Mon – legs

Tues – chest and shoulders

Wed – Back and Triceps

Thurs – chest and shoulders

Fri – legs

Saturday – rest

Sunday – rest

Supersets, time under tension & drop sets I utilise them all, more endurance based closer to show day.


What are your 3 go to exercises?

Deadlifts – the daddy of all exercises. Builds thickness right through your body I include it right up until show day.

Cable Fly’s – I find with these I can focus the most on the squeeze for my chest. You can use it for really exhausting the muscle group

Leg Extension – when getting closer to show day leg extensions help endlessly bringing out condition and separation in the quads.